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Considering stucco? The advantages of stucco siding




Stucco and siding repair in PrescottWith so many materials you can choose from to decorate the exterior of your home, depending on your needs, concrete stucco siding might be an excellent option due to its durability, attractiveness, and ease of repair. Granite Mountain Painting would like to share a few reasons real stucco might be ideal for your next project.

Stucco is very durable.

This material can withstand dings, cracks, and scratches. If the climate is ideal, stucco can last longer then wood, vinyl, and even brick! It is entirely possible for stucco siding to last for over 50 years! Part of its durability is because the material is porous, allowing the stucco to be both strong and flexible at the same time!

Note: EIFS stucco does not have the durability that real concrete stucco has and will last for a shorter length of time, however, EIFS can save energy and control moisture better then real stucco. Consult your contractor for the best solution for your home. EIFS stucco is not allowed in some areas.

Stucco is noncombustible.

Due to the fact that stucco is made of lime, water, and sand, it can withstand a fire far better then wood siding can. If the stucco installed correctly, it is entirely possible for the siding to prevent your house from catching on fire (from the outside)!

Stucco requires little maintenance and saves money in the long run.

It takes a lot to damage stucco and if any does occur, repairing stucco is simple and cheep. Stucco is also great insulator, keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This can save you money on heating and cooling your home.

Regardless of what siding you choose, Granite Mountain Painting in Prescott can paint it with professionalism and precision. We also offer stucco repair services. Our experts have the skills to complete your project with the service you deserve and the attention to details you expect. Contact us at 928-515-4374.


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