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How much does it cost to have your home painted?

Granite Mountain Painting offers exterior house painting in Prescott

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to paint your home or how a contractor comes up with his numbers? Granite Mountain Painting would like to take a minute to explain this and clear up any confusion.  An estimate should be based on the approximate time and manpower to complete the project and how much material will be needed to complete the project. One thing that makes a difference in cost is how extensively you prep before you paint. Caulking is the most important step in exterior home prep.   Caulking large cracks and gaps, not only keeps moisture out but also bugs that could cause harm and become a nuisance. Caulking always give a nice, solid finished look to the building as well.

The steps we take at Granite Mountain Painting for an exterior paint job include ( but are not limited to):

  • Pressure washing. This should be used to free the house of dirt and dust but NOT as a step to remove loose chipping paint.
  • Caulk in seems, patch holes as needed and fill in cracks.
  • Scrapping loose, chipping paint.
  • Any raw substrate, like wood or stucco, should ALWAYS be primed. Don't be fooled by the primer and paint in one, it is always a better option to use the proper primer to ensure a long lasting paint job.

Removing some of these steps could make the price in the job go down, but we do not recommend compromising steps of prep or using low cost materials.

  • Do you need 2 coats of paint?
  • Depends on the condition of the substrate. On wood, fascia and trim we always advise 2 coats, These substrates weather the fastest versus a stucco substrate.
  • Do you need 2 coats on your stucco?
  • Depends, if the building has been taken care of properly, not always. If you do opt for or get sold on a second coat,  you should be getting 2 full coats, of the same amount of material. When you hire us, we will ensure you will get a proper second coat.

One thing Granite Mountain Painting Co. Never does is up-charge our materials. The price we pay for materials is the price we estimate with.

Give us a call today to get a free, thorough estimate of the painting of your home.


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