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Is your painting contractor licensed, bonded and insured?

We cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a contractor that is licensed, bonded and insured.  Many people believe that hiring an unlicensed painter is cheaper. This is many times not the case.  We have come upon many jobs that have been left unfinished or work that was not properly done.  The worst part of it is you really have little legal recourse.  If you were to hire a licensed contractor and the work was not properly done, then you have a recourse.  Here in Arizona, you can contact the ROC and file a report.  They will schedule a time to walk through the job with the contractor and the customer, if there is any work that needs to be fixed the representative from the ROC will have the contractor fix it on the spot.  If they refuse, they will have a formal complaint filed against them.  One that may stay on their record for a long time. Most contractors will want to fix whatever went wrong.  But when you hire someone who is not licensed, you do not have this option. 


Other reasons to hire a licensed contractor:


  • We are insured.  If one of our employees gets hurt at your home, we have the insurance to cover it.
  • We are background checked. Part of acquiring a license is being background checked. You want to know who is entering your home.

In Arizona it is very easy to find who is licensed and who is not.  The ROC has a website, you can enter the contractors name or license number.  


Save yourself a headache, hire a licensed contractor.


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