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Nursery and Baby Room Color Suggestions

Nursery and Interior painting tips from Granite Mountain Painting in PrescottWhen expecting a baby we are usually drawn to painting the space to make it look clean and fresh. Choosing a color that is calming and brings more light into the room is a great choice. Granite Mountain Painting in Prescott brings you these helpful suggestions when choosing a color for the nursery and the new addition to the family.

When babies are first born, the only colors they can see well are black, white and grey. You'll want to choose softer colors such as blues, greens and pinks, because a baby's eyes can perceive those colors earlier.

Neutral walls are nice if you're waiting until birth to learn your baby's gender. To spice up the colors after the baby is born you could add accessories and framed artwork in colors you love. Neutral shades work well with either traditional or modern furnishings. Other colors that can be gender-neutral include robin's-egg blue, sage green and golden yellow.

White is also a good choice for a nursery to make it soothing, airy and full of light. This works well no matter what style furniture or bedding. For an added effect you could paint the ceiling in a light hue.

A great way to splash some style into a room is to choose a wall covering (wallpaper). There is a wide selection of vinyl wallpapering to match any taste and these are easy to clean up as well!

You'll want your baby's room to be a nurturing, comforting place for your family's new addition. If you have a small budget Granite Mountain Painting can help! Contact us today and we will help you select the right color for your nursery or any room of the house. Call 928-515-4374


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