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Nothing is more important in business then a good first impression.

The impression your building give a potential customer can make or break that potential sale. If your building looks dull, damaged, and dated, potential customers might get the impression you care about the services that you provide in the exact same matter.


What impression do you think your building is giving your potential clients and customers?

If you operate in fresh and bright commercial building, customers will likely will think the same way about your products and services. This is why many of our commercial contracts focus on the exterior of commercial building. With dull and bare looking buildings, a new coat of paint provided by Granite Mountain Painting in Prescott can provide a very welcoming atmosphere for your commercial building and encourage customers to come into your building and check out your products and services.


When considering the exterior of your commercial property, never underestimate the power of a great paint job!

Another type of popular painting request in the Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino, and Dewey area is to improve the look and feel of local rental properties. If you present a pleasant atmosphere on the exterior of your commercial property, people will feel comfortable and will want to remain renting them.

Fresh paint can increase the value of your building allowing you to charge more rent each month. On the other hand, if your commercial property is marred by chipped paint and stains, renters will expect the property to be worth less to rent.

If you are considering renting out a commercial property, you will be impressed by how much a new coat of paint can increase the value of your rental properties and will attract more renters. A new paint job can easily pay for itself in a short amount of time.


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