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Exterior Painting in Prescott Valley AZ
This was a home that had only been painted 4 years ago. Due to poor prep methods the paint failed. We did extensive caulking and proper methods to... see image
Exterior painting company in Prescott AZ
This is a GREAT way to add a pop of color to your home. Adding your favorite color to your front door adds charm to your home. ... see image
Exterior house painting company in Prescott AZ
This is a beautifully finished exterior repaint in Diamond Valley. ... see image
Interior bathroom painter in Prescott AZ
This was a fun bathroom, the blues and greens give it a real earthy feel. All walls, trim and ceilings were painted in this bathroom.... see image
Accent wall interior repaint by Granite Mountain Painting Co.
Interior repaint, all walls, ceilings, trim were repainted in this custom home. The entertainment center as an accent wall really gives this home an original feel. ... see image
New construction custom painting in Prescott AZ
In this room we painted the enamel wainscoting, walls and trim. ... see image
Exterior house painter in Prescott AZ
A beautifully done exterior repaint in Prescott.... see image
Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets by Granite Mountain Painting in Prescott AZ
Conversion Varnish Cabinetry and full Kitchen paint in this new custom home.... see image
Full Exterior paint job by Granite Mountain Painting in Prescott AZ
Full Exterior repaint of these condos In Prescott AZ. They turned out great!... see image
Vaulted interior ceilings Interior Painting by Granite Mountain Painting in Prescott AZ
Vaulted interior Ceilings and walls were painted in this home.... see image
Painted garage floors by granite mountain painting co in Prescott AZ
We cleaned and painted the floors of this garage. If you use your garage as a workshop, or a "she-shed" as this customer did painted floors give your garage a... see image
Residential Exterior Painting company in Prescott AZ
Full Exterior Repaint of a home in Chino Valley... see image
Bathroom colors, Green bathrooms by Granite Mountain Painting in Prescott AZ
This is a great idea for a kids bathroom! How fun are these colors?!... see image
refinished doors, stained wood by granite mountain painting
We refinished and stained these doors.... see image
Staining Natural finishes Prescott AZ
We sanded down recycled wood and painted the door in a nice plum color.... see image
Exterior Painting by Granite Mountain Painting in Prescott AZ
Full Exterior repaint.... see image
Stripped interior paint by Granite Mountain Painting baby girl nursery in Prescott Arizona
This was our first daughters nursery. We matched the colors from her crib bedding and created a stripped pattern along the bottom of the room. We used chair rail to... see image
Glazed cabinetry interior painting bathroom cabinets in Prescott AZ
We added bead board to this bench seat then glazed it with the chocolate glaze to tie it in with the glazed cabinets... see image
Glazed Cabinetry Painted Cabinets in Prescott AZ by Granite Mountain Painting
Bathroom cabinets painted sage green then glazed with a chocolate glaze. ... see image
Fuax exterior finishes, fuax painting by Granite Mountain Painting
We did a fuax finish on these shutters. ... see image
Green home paint, Exterior paint in Prescott AZ by Granite Mountain painting
Full Exterior paint of this green home. All materials that went into this home were environmentally friendly or recycled.... see image
Chalkboard paint done by Granite Mountain Painting Co
This is a GREAT idea for a kid's door! ... see image
Full exterior paint contractor in Prescott Az
Full exterior repaint.... see image
Cabinet glazing by Granite Mountain painting. Cabinet Painting. Interior Painting
This is a fine example of cabinet glazing. ... see image
Concrete staining by Granite Mountain Painting Co. In Prescott AZ
Staining the concrete gave this home a whole new look!... see image
Exterior Painting Concrete Staining in Prescott AZ
Concrete Staining, gives a whole new life to a patio or walkway.... see image
Striped accent wall, interior finishes by granite mountain painting in Prescott AZ
Here is an awesome example of fine lines! Striped accent walls done right make everyone say WOW!... see image
New home construction - Full Exterior paint and stain
We offer full exterior paint and stain on new and remodeled residential home construction projects.... see image
Interior paint and wall texture by granite mountain painting in Prescott AZ
We textured and painted the existing drywall to achieve a smooth surface.... see image
Lead Certified exterior paint of Victorian  home in Prescott AZ
Lead certified repaint of a Victorian home. ... see image
Interior painting Accent walls by Granite Mountain Painting in Prescott AZ
Adding an accent wall can add an extra pop of color. ... see image
Faux Finishes, Faux Brick Exterior painting in Prescott AZ by Granite Mountain Painting co
Faux Brick, Cinderblock painted to look like brick... see image
Exterior Stucco Painting By Granite Mountain Painting in prescott az
Full exterior paint on a new construction in Prescott AZ... see image
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