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Wall Coverings and Wallpapers in Prescott InstallationSo you have a bunch of blank walls in your room and you have no idea how to decorate them. Have you considered wall coverings (also known as wallpaper)? Choosing a wall covering can be daunting as there is so many to choose from. Granite Mountain Painting would like to share some tips on choosing the best wall paper.

How to choose.

Wall coverings and truly change the look and feel of a room. With so many different styles, shapes, and colors,as mentioned previously, the vast amount of choices can be very daunting. The best way to start thinking about what wall covering would work best, ask yourself these questions? Would I be able to stare at it for a long time and not be bothered with it? Would the pattern match the rest of the furniture in the room? Will the pattern be a distraction or would it help add emphasis to the room?

What look are you hoping to achieve?

What effect are you hoping the wall covering to have in your room? Do you want the room to feel warm, fresh, edgy? If you can answer this question it will aim you in the right direction when picking a wall covering.

The size of the pattern can make or break a room alongside it's colors. If it is a big room and you have a tiny patterns it will get lost. If you have a small room and a big print, it will distract your eye.

One section, one wall, or the entire room?

You don't have to add wall coverings to every wall in the room. You could easily do just one wall or area and get the look that you are going for. There is always a chance of over doing it.

Those are just a few tips to help you in finding an ideal wall covering. We are always happy to answer any questions you have on wall coverings. We can even install them. Contact us at 928-515-4374.


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